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At he was a flower, we are proud to be florists. Our development model is human-centered, which is why we are also a merchant of happiness and comfort that offers a varied range of floral services and products: birthday bouquets, wedding bouquets, mourning bouquets, corporate decorating, in-home consultation for residential decorating projects, vase and plant rentals for special events as well as local and out-of-town delivery. Our approach is suitable for all types of events: weddings, baptisms, funerals, corporate events, etc.

We are committed to collaborating with our customers to please or to highlight an event. Our work stands out for our concern for using floral creativity to share and bring emotions to life. This is how we want to support people during the important moments of their lives.

Our team of floral designers knows that flowers are witnesses of success, sorrow, love and illness, which is why they create floral arrangements that will speak when words simply fail. Since taking care of our customers is at the heart of our concerns, let us prepare flowers that will speak for you.

Being a seller of happiness, a seller of comfort, is a profession, a passion, a vocation, which the Beaudet-Côté family has enjoyed doing for 40 years now.


- Isabelle -


A born entrepreneur and self-taught florist, Isabelle is a leader who has the solutions!

A graduate in administrative sciences, ornamental horticulture and the Beauce School of Entrepreneurship, she is known as “the one who talks to plants”. With her great emotional intelligence and her ability to listen, she has a natural penchant for the aspect of mourning. Curious about what the world has to offer and honored to accompany people in their moments of life, she offers inspiring and moving floral arrangements.

Guided by her values ​​and her 5 big life dreams, she is as involved in her community as in her team. At the operational level, Isabelle is the one in charge of purchasing, accounting, payroll and administrative follow-ups. It is also affectionately called the “department of miracles”. Isabelle also takes care of the development and visibility of the company with various associations and chambers of commerce.

- Mariève -


A passionate artist, Mariève always has her head full of projects!

Her vision and authenticity make her a natural leader and fun to follow. Interested in people's lives and what makes them tick, she easily develops beautiful connections and takes care to nourish them. With her degrees in interior design and floristry, Mariève transposes her passion for the play of colors and textures into each of her floral arrangements. A lover of flowers, she has the gift of speaking their language. She focuses on the unique beauty and natural characteristics of each flower chosen to create breathtaking bouquets! She is the one in charge of artistic direction. Whether it's bouquets, new collections, choice of partners or the visual aspect of the store, she is the one who adds the "little je ne sais quoi" to the style of il suis une fleur. On the operational side, Mariève takes care of submissions for various projects such as weddings and corporate orders. She is also the one who takes care of human resources. Mother of two beautiful children, she instinctively surrounds her team with great warmth.

- Claudia -


Sower of opportunities and courage, Claudia is one of the entrepreneurs at heart.

A lawyer by training with a master's degree in business administration, she has a career as full as it is atypical. Moreover, it is thanks to her international experience on private yachts that she knows the world of floristry. As she dares to believe that everything is possible, her head buds with inspiring ideas of grandeur. Convinced that a company must have a mission greater than that of selling, she has a vision of business development that is proactive, human and sustainable. According to her, the most beautiful things cannot be seen, they are felt. This is why she uses her soft and touching pen as well as her creativity to share the emotions transposed into our bouquets and our initiatives.

On the side
operational, Claudia is responsible for business development, image
branding, social media and strategic planning…and she's having fun
to create a better world, one idea at a time.

- Fabienne -

Fabienne is the one who knows all the secrets of the store. She knows how to do everything and does it well! With her singing voice and her French accent, she is the one that all the customers adore.

- Line-Marie -

Well-being horticulturist, Line-Marie is the guardian of the present moment and the little joys of life, she is inspired by the emotions of clients in order to create touching compositions.

- Ariel -

Ariel is an artist at heart and she knows how to express her magic in everything she touches. Her unique aesthetic allows her to delicately create nuanced bouquets full of charm.

- Josée -

Josée proudly wears the title of dean, but for us, she is the one who sprinkles beauty along her path. Caring and gentle, she builds bonds with everyone she meets.

- Marie-Karine -

Marie-Karine is our perfumer of joy! She knows how to get a smile in three movements. She advises her clients with an approach full of empathy that feels good.

- Julie -

Julie is discreet, but her bouquets know how to talk! She works delicately to give birth to bouquets that are inspiring and full of tenderness.

- Huguette -

Huguette is the quiet strength of the team, we can always count on her to come and offer support to the team. We also nickname her “the one who whispers to the plants”.

- France -

France has a contagious positive energy and a passion for everything plant-based, which makes her a true seller of happiness and a pleasant person to be around.

- sarah -

Sarah welcomes and guides clients with her great gentleness and captivating personality. She is also a lover of roses who sees their beauty both in their thorns and in their petals.

- Mireille -

Mireille is a multi-passionate woman with diverse talents. She is happy when her hands are in the earth, she is creative and her calming energy makes us feel good.

- Johanne -

Johanne gives us the great pleasure of being back with us. She has a gift for moving people thanks to her mixtures of colors and she always shares beautiful life experiences with us!

- Michelle -

Mimi is also back, what joy!! This beautiful human always has her head full of creative projects. She has a beautiful imagination which shines through in the beauty of her compositions.

- cindy -

Cindy est notre petite abeille discrète qui travaille avec son coeur. Son organisation, sa douceur et son intelligence émotionnelle fait d'elle une vraie leader naturelle et créative.

- Marie -

Marie offre une expérience client mémorable avec son écoute, sa créativité et sa passion pour son métier. Marie a la touche pour mettre en valeur ce qui l'entoure!

- Our history -

In 1976 , Francine Beaudet and Cyrille Côté opened a flower shop, the Center des Roses, located at 160, boulevard Sainte-Madeleine, in Cap-de-la-Madeleine. Subsequently, two other stores were opened in 1988 , that of Trois-Rivières-Ouest and in 1994, that of Trois-Rivières.

In 2005 , following a little inner voice that spoke to them about entrepreneurship, Isabelle and Mariève Côté made the decision to return to the Trois-Rivières region to join the Center des Roses team. Very complementary in their personalities, Isabelle the manager and Mariève the artist, gradually acquired tasks as well as shares in the family business.

Eight years later, in 2013 , retirement time came. The founders Cyrille and Francine made the decision to pass the torch to their daughters. Since January 2013, Isabelle and Mariève Côté have been the two owners of the company, and they are truly passionate about flowers!

In 2016 , Le Center des Roses became Once Upon a Flower because every beautiful story begins with once upon a time...

In 2020 , Claudia arrived as if by magic, when our company was experiencing major turnarounds. With her
determination and her great emotional intelligence, she supported us throughout the Covid crisis while propelling us into the future. She had such a clear vision of our aspirations that she already seemed to be part of the family and made us believe again in our dreams as young entrepreneurs. This is how in 2022 , Claudia, our adopted little sister, came to complete our triangle by beating our partner! It's the start of a new chapter that promises adventures for once upon a flower!

Once upon a flower


Once Upon a Flower is inspired by tales from our childhood. In real life, it's more of a flower that marks the beginning of a beautiful story. This name gives flowers back their importance by placing them at the center of our lives.


Be recognized as a leader in the market
with a human-centered development model:
a thriving team, thriving financial health, a thriving community!


Supporting people during important moments
of their life!


Creativity, Empathy, Listening, Involvement
and Entrepreneurship

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