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Poinsettia grown in Quebec!

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This poinsettia comes with beautiful festive decorations such as pots, branches, ribbon, all according to the florist's inspiration. It is also called the Christmas star. The plant remains in flower for 2 to 4 months. Giving a poinsettia is a symbol of friendly and warm wishes, success and celebration

It comes in a planter covered in beautiful packaging!

Do you know the Christmas story associated with this magnificent plant?

Mexican religious history tells that a young girl, named Pépita, walked sadly to church on Christmas Eve. Since she was poor, she thought she had nothing to offer like offering to the church. A wise man passing by tried to console her by telling her that even the humblest gift, given with love, would be greatly appreciated. So Pépita went to pick a bunch of leaves from a common and unattractive shrub that grew along the road. While placing her bouquet at the church, a miracle happened. To the great astonishment of all participants. The ordinary green leaves transformed into intense red bracts. Since this event, all wild poinsettias are adorned with flamboyant colors during Christmas time. »

Watering: In flower, water abundantly, but allow to dry between waterings. Check soil moisture often.

Lighting: Indirect, eastern sun and low light when in flower.

Flowering : November to February.

Fertilizer: N/A

Remarks: Freshness prolongs flowering. Lasts several months. Obtaining a 2nd flowering is very difficult. After flowering, cut back to 15 cm from the ground and place outside for the summer. In the fall, bring it indoors and give it 14 hours of darkness per day for 2-3 months to make it bloom again.

Toxicity: Place out of reach of young children and animals as it is a toxic plant.

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